Better screen size?

I use a touch screen to control motion while printing. Is there a way to control the size of buttons to make them easier to press?

what size touch screen?
I’m using a 24" Dell All in One for my Pro, and have no problems, but I can imagine it would be on a 10" screen.

Note that there are several considerations here:

  • which OS — Windows or Raspberry Pi?
  • physical screen size
  • pixel density of the screen
  • screen scaling setting in Windows for the application (not sure if Raspbian affords any settings for that)

Screen size a 10" touchscreen running on windows 10. Everything just uses the top quarter of the area. Jogging is the issue. I am running a Intel Stick and while it runs motion it won’t run creat!!???

Is the Intel Stick 64-bit? I believe that’s the system requirements difference between Motion and Create, the latter needing it.

That may be the problem. Is there a way to get it to run anyway?

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