Beyond terrific service

While getting ready for a summer digital woodworking workshop at the Mark Adams School of Woodworking (Tim Celiski Digital Woodworking) a small piece of 2" oak came loose from its double stick tape moorings (very poor execution on my part) and caused a mess. At a minimum 6 track wheels destroyed. Got a parts package today in two days from Carbide 3d and have started a rebuild of Z carriage. My point is that Will Adams saw the urgency (anxiety) of my message and got the parts to me sooner than I could imagine. I’ll start the repair tomorrow and may be seeking help from the community. Love the tool but an OH so steep learning curve. Thanks Will.


You’re welcome!

But, to clarify — I’m off-site remote staff, I don’t pack parts — I just let the far more competent folks who do so know that you needed them and they took care of all the hard stuff. I’ll post your message to our team communication system and let them know!


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