BirSetter Turned Off

I started an adv vcarve. The board had a bowed no so I wanted to surface both sides. My fly cutter is a Whiteside 6210 and has a hole in the center so I unchecked the BitSetter in cm. Cant remember if I initalized or not. Did a z zero with paper and started surfacing. I got an air job. Started over by powering down Shapeoko and rezeroed bit with paper method. All ran fine.

My question is if you uncheck BitSetter in cm do you have to send config causing initalization? The x and y had been previously set and they were fine. Only z was off. Seemed like z zero was set at z-6mm the z was very high.

When I turn off Bit Setter, the program I have loaded is removed. Reload and go through the sequence. One of these days I will remember to turn it off before I load the program.

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I’ve had some funky things happen with Z directly after enabling and disabling BitSetter. I plan on power cycling after I make those changes in the future. I don’t enable/disable frequently, but I blame a most recent air cut and a hole through my work piece into my spoilboard a ways back, on this.

After enabling/disabling the BitSetter one SHALL reset Z0, but apart from that there shouldn’t be a need to power cycle. If you want to be really really redundantly sure, you could also use the change tool button right after zeroing Z with it, without changing the tool. This will probe the (same) tool and then you’re 100% sure the Z0 and bitsetter reference are in line.

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