Bit change for the rookie

How do we reset the zero when bit changing on a project? TIA

If you have a BitSetter and it’s enabled, it should be taken care of automatically by the workflow. If you do have a BitSetter, it’s enabled, but upon the tool change the router stays down after the end of the pocket clearing phase, chances are you selected the wrong post-processor (it should be “Carbide3d Shapeoko”, not “Basic G-code” or “GRBL”)

If you don’t have a BitSetter, using Advanced V-carve toolpaths is not readily supported, but there are workarounds (see this post for example)

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To expand on what Julien says, it’s automatic w/ a BitSetter so long as it is configured, both in Carbide Create (Edit | Select Post-processor | “Carbide 3D Shapeoko”) and in Carbide Motion (enabled and the correct position selected).

If you don’t have one, the expectation is one will write out separate files, see:

Outstanding, thank you all for the quick responses.

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