Bit Change Prompt Between Every Toolpath

Hello! New here. Working on a project with several toolpaths (drill, pocket, contour). I’m using a standard #201 (1/4" bit) for the whole thing.

The problem/inconvenience I’m running into is every time the machine moves from one toolpath section to another, it prompts me to change the bit and use the BitSetter. Since I’m using the same bit throughout the entire project, can I skip these prompts?

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Not really, but when you know you are going to cut a lot of single-tool files, you can easily temporarily disable the bitsetter in the Settings menu, which effectively will remove all bitsetter-related prompts from the workflow. Make sure to (re)zero after you enable OR disable the bitsetter though, or bad things™ will happen

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There should only be a prompt when the tool number changes.

So if you have used the number 201 everywhere, and have saved all your toolpaths to one file, you should only be prompted once at the start of the project.


The machine does what it is told, and if I understand your situation, this is what I would do.
Make sure the tool you picked for each tool path is the exactly the same tool picked the same way from the same tool library.
Then to dig a bit deeper; The tool change is requested via the G-code file. I would look through the G-code file for the tool changes. It is just a text file.
The program that made the G-code will add the tool changes as it determines it needs to do.
Here is a sample of a tool change between different tool paths using a different tools:
(Move to safe Z to avoid workholding)
(TOOL/MILL,6.35, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00)
If the software entered tool changes for each tool path then that what the machine is going to do.
M05 is the tool spindle stop command
M6T201 is the requested tool 201
The stuff in ( ) are just comments
So look to see what the code is telling the machine to do.
That is what I would do :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

The M5 is a spindle stop command.
The M6 is the tool change command with the T-word identifying the upcoming tool number.

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That’s what I get for typing at 3:00 am :slight_smile:


Are you using separate files? Or is this happening all in one file?

If all in one file, which version of Carbide Create are you using? If not 623 or 624:

Please update.

If you are having this difficulty in a current version could you please post the .c2d file and generated G-Code here or send it in to ?

Thank you, everyone, for the helpful replies.

Before digging into the code, I’ll try to answer @WillAdams questions.

This is all one file. Somehow I was using build 530 (V5), built 6-1-2021. Not sure how I found that build considering I just got the machine running less than a month ago.

So I am updating that now. Once I’ve cut some wood, I’ll update the thread.

Thanks again, everyone!

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CC530 was the stable release a month ago or so, and 623 was made stable pretty recently.

Updating to the new version solved the issue - thanks everyone!

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