Bit not touching the wood

I am not sure what I AM DOING WRONG, However, every test piece I have done so far (8) has resulted in a less than acceptable product. The router bit will not go all the way to the wood, or the carbide create simulation will not show the tool paths that i have selected. HELP!


Have you done what I consider mandatory training for all new users?

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Yes, i watched the training. I am still running into the same problem, and can not for the life of me figure out what it is that I’m doing wrong.

Post a picture of the result you are getting. also the gcode as well.

Okay, may be a matter of misconfiguration.

Might want to review the machine’s functioning w/ the old SO2 page: (note the Z-axis used an M8 threaded rod for the SO2, so the # of steps is different) and we’ve since upgraded to Grbl v0.9, so the values and data location for the invert bits are different — conceptually everything is still the same. For fine adjustments see:

It’s possible it may be a physical issue — check the pulley set screws (this should be a normal part of setting up: ), as well as: (FWIW, I had to use a small pry bar to get mine taut enough — careful though, not to bend the stepper motor shaft)

A lot of not founds there will.

Not Found

The specified article was not found: 42-how-to-calibrate-the-machine-for-belt-stretch

Not Found

The specified article was not found: 34-z-axis-drive-belt-tensioning

Both of those are working for me. I suspect it’s probably some aspect of how your browser is parsing the links.

Please instead go to: (by copying / pasting that bold text into your browser’s URL bar, then navigate to the Shapeoko area, then find the articles there.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll try to puzzle out how to paste the links into a formal link here.

10 Articles, nothing about belt stretch of belt tensioning.

Are you the one editing this site?

Apparently the Carbide3D folks are editing the knowledgebase articles — please contact and work it out w/ them.

The wiki has a bit on belt stretch, &c.:


Hi Jaime,
Can you post a picture of the intended result and the actual result?

The Router may need to be lowered in the clamp.

The Collet may be loose?

Loose Belt?

Did you check the Pulley set- screws?

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I have the same problem today.

The 1/16" bit stays 3/16" above the wood and never makes contact with the wood. I’ve never had problems programming and cutting. Today is different and on Friday night the only time my brother and I have to work together.

Been there done that at the beginning. Maybe be sure your zeroing out and using the paper technique when preparing to make a cut . Hope that helps. .

If you are using a 1/8" shaft bit that is 1/16" diameter, it might be too short for your setup.

You might have room to drop your router, but the best way is to raise your wood enough for the shorter bit.

PS. Reminds me of the youngster that road his bike up to the Interstate where a truck had got stuck under the bridge. After watching them yank on it for awhile, he got someone’s attention and asked if they couldn’t just let the air out of the tires. :smiley:

Files for this were posted and as explained in:

the files are set to have origin at the bottom, but zero was set at the top of the stock.