Bit Runner and vaccum router connection

So my Bit runner is finally arriving tomorrow, I was wondering about one thing. Does the bit runner adjust the router RPM Automatically? Is one thing I never got from the videos - manual.

Also, if I have a Festool Vacccum how would the workflow go so the vaccum starts as soon as the router starts / stops.

No speed control - still need to use the control on router.

I’m plugging my Karcher vac into the bitrunner and the router into vac.

It turns on with the router and off 5 sec after router finishes. My vac has this built in but any Woodworking shops will have a vac control module that does similar,


Oh awesome, yeah thats what I’ll do then. Pkug the router into the festool on auto mode and the vac into the bit runner.


That’s what I do too, and I must say I can’t imagine working without the auto-start of the shopvac now. Very convenient.

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