Bit runner not firing on job start


I had a similar issue, back in December of last year, which ended up being a busted PP in Vcarve. I double checked everything and I’m seeing the proper SM3 command in my output files, but the router does not start. The rpm is set to 17000 (S17000M3), so that looks to be correct. I can switch the bit runner to “on” and it works just fine. In CM the “has speed control” is checked on.

I’m exporting from Vcarve v11.0.4 using @neilferreri PP for Vcarve. Any ideas?

Is your $30 still at 24000 ?
Other than a misconfiguration it could be the PWM signal not making it to the bitrunner because of a loose connector or broken wire/pin
If you are comfortable with using a voltmeter at the bitrunner end of the cable from the controller, you could check whether the PWM line exceeds ~2V when you send M3S10000, which is normally the threshold for the bitrunner to trigger

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Ok, cool. I’ll give that a look and see what I get. Thanks, Julien!

It’s definitely a loose connection on the add-on plug that came attached to my board for the Bit Runner. So I guess pop the board out and re-solder?

I would say, contact for advice on how to best handle this


Im going to re-solder the pins of the board. Carbide support recommended buying a whole new board, which is currently out of stock. Seems a waste of an otherwise perfectly good board.

Allright, indeed it’s worth a try then.
If you for some reason that does not work, there is one additional option to salvage the bitrunner connection, which is to pick up the PWM signal on another connector/header on the board. But that would require to hack the bitrunner cable too to splice the PWM wire, so it’s more messy.

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Hmm, sounds too much like work! :grin: If I destroy the board while soldering, I’ll just buy another, hah. Hopefully back in stock very soon if that’s the case.

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I was able to fix up the board and get the pins soldered back in place, at least for the interim. This has made me realize it’s probably a good idea to buy another board regardless.

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From what I have read on the forum the boards are not in stock right now. The last time I ordered a board, sometime ago, they were $149.00. Not sure what the price is now but for me having a board around just in case is too expensive. I replaced my board because the usb port was flakey. My original board did not have the BitRunner port soldered on the board and I had soldered the connector onto the existing board. I know how to solder but that original board was very hard to get the solder to stick and get a good solder joint. So between the flakey USB connector and the BitRunner connector I decided to replace it. I kept the original board in the box and still have it. It seems that the boards are pretty reliable and just having one in case of failure might be a waste of money.

For the $150.00 I would buy some more material and/or bits, but I am a tight wad.

Boards are sold out, seem to have been for some time now. Which is what gives me pause. If my board does fail me, will they be easy enough to get? Once a batch comes back in, I’ll snag another. Even if I never use it, peace of mind is worth the money.

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