Bit runner V2 six pin connector

Hey all,
So if anyone remembers I posted about disconnects and my machine.
Customer service was awesome, the solution was for me to send it back and they ran tests and found something wrong and sent me out a new board.
Because I wanted to be able to continue to use my machine as my friend (Rich) help me set up a relay to switch the spindle on and off like the bit runner.
It was awesome thank you Rich!
However they sent me the new board without the pigtail connector that Rich installed. Because they sent me a new board I figured I should run their hardware and not wanting to bother Rich to come over and solder a new one I bout the bitrunner.
It came today, I followed the instructions to the letter, even has pictures how can you screw it up!?!
Well as I installed the six pin connector it must have not been soldered enough because it wiggles more than it ever should.
I reached out to customer service and am waiting.
Thoughts I’m having…
Take the board off and solder it myself…
Anyone know if the board it attached to the case as in a heat sink? If so how is it connected?
2. Begrudgingly send it back to them and hope they could fix it.
The board has a total of five minutes on it as I just got it back a few days ago got it connected and ran a test run all normal.
3. I’m willing to drive it over instead of waiting for the back and forth of mail

Customer service already reached out to me, and I think they are going to send me a new board.
I hate being a pill but they seem not to mind, and are willing to make things work.
I believe they stand behind their product and that’s why I’ll keep supporting the company.
I’ll let everyone know what happens


They are sending me another board, this time they charged me. But if it gets me cutting then I’m fine with it. Until now it’s a rather expensive paper weight!
Wish me luck!

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