Bit setter and flattening bit

I know this topic has been discussed several times but…. With all the new bits coming out has anyone found a bit that works for slab flattening and the bit setter yet? It’s a huge pain to reprogram just to flatten and it slows the work flow down big time. I wish CC would make a new bit setter or adapter that allotted for these larger bits.

I know it is not what you are looking for specifically but I just use a business card to go between the bitsetter and the surfacing bit I use. It allows me to leave the bitsetter enabled and still work with the surfacing bit.

Are you using a metal business card for connectivity?

I have a Shapeoko 3 and the fly bits get close to the front steel support. The BitSetter on the SO3 is inside that steel support. So I like to disable my BitSetter when flattening the spoil board and physically remove it. I think the SO4 and newer ones have the BitSetter bolted to the outside of the frame but I dont want to ruin both my fly bit and BitSetter. Not sure bit I thought the McFly that C3d sells has the blades and the bottom of the bit even so you can use the BitSetter. Not sure of the McFly but you might want to look into it.


No just a standard business card. It has never caused a problem for me.

The BitSetter is not conductive. The button on the inside triggers the BitSetter.

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Perfect! For some reason I thought it was conductive. I’ve got an Amana surfacing bit so I’ll give this a try. I suppose you could just mic the credit card or business card and compensate in your calculations if you really wanted to. Thanks guys!

It doesn’t matter how thick a card you use if you always use it - the bitsetter is used to measure the difference in lengths, so the absolute value doesn’t matter.


This was my solution

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