Bit Setter and tool changes in one project


Do I need to add additional code to properly use the Bit Setter to change tools mid-project? It was my understanding that a tool change would be registered if a new tool is used for a new toolpath. So far, that has not been what’s happened when running multi-tool projects. The project just keeps on running to the next toolpath with the current end mill.

Do toolpath groups affect tool changes in CM? Trying to avoid the need to save out each toolpath individually.

You should just need to pick the correct post processor — in Carbide Create, Edit | Select Post Processor — choose Carbide 3D Shapeoko


Ok, i’ll double check that both my machines that have CC have that set. I do the bulk of the design on my desktop then dump it to my laptop that’s hooked to the XXL. Thanks, Will!

My laptop didn’t have the Shapeoko set for post processor. It was set to basic gcode. I’d normally open CC on the laptop to double check toolpaths and export gcode before starting the job, so it all makes sense now. I’ll try out some tests today.

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