Bit setter crashes after 3 or 4 successful sets

I have the Pro 5 4x4 and am experiencing a bit setter crash (using CM beta version as recommended by C3D) after successfully setting several bits…always crashes on the 3rd tool change and then there after. I can get it to work again by shutting down and restarting (but can’t complete a project with more than 2 bit changes)…any ideas?

Please send the file in question in to and we’ll test it and let you know what we find out.

Thanks, I’ve been working with Fleming, and sent test data indicating that the control box is overheating causing the issue. New control box on the way, will return the other box for troubleshooting. The problem dissipears if I run a box fan over the box, which reduces the heat sink temp from 135 down to 98 (F)…looks like it’s resolved.

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The fan in my control box winds up to a pretty loud drone after running for a few minutes. I wonder if the box or fan can be modified for better air circulation.

The problem appears to have been resolved. Carbide is sending me a new control box. The original problem appears to have been heat related (for my Pro 5). While TS the problem, I noticed the temps (on heat sink) reaching 134F…and that the bit setter crashed when temps reached 115F…that’s why it worked the first 3 or 4 times (ambient was 77…so it took about 5 min to reach the 115). After diagnosing the problem, I checked for cooling and noticed NO airflow…so maybe the fan was bad…the box did run normally once I used an external box fan to cool. Might be a good idea to look at cooling/airflow in the new Pro 5’s.


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I have been working with Fleming on this too but I think this might be the same issue I am having.

Bit setter works fine when I first turn on the machine then after 15 minutes or so the bit setter stops responding regardless of what I do. I have tried cycling power and different computers but the only thing that seems to help is to leave the machine off for 30 minutes. Then when everything has cooled the bit setter works again.

I found in another thread that the active pin section in the settings menu is an easy way to check if the bit setter or bit zero is properly reporting their state.

It seems strange that the bit zero isn’t affected, it is only the bit setter.

I will check the temperature of the heat sink and see if a box fan cools it enough to prevent the cutting out. Thanks for the information!

Good luck, sounds like they may have a heat related issue…using a box fan to cool down the control box solved my problems and allowed me to run projects while the new control box is on it’s way.

BTW…I tried to monitor airflow (simplistic test)…but didn’t see anything coming out of either vent on the box…my fan may have not been working at all (althrough I could hear something whirring inside).

Let me know how it goes…other than that I LOVE the new Pro 5 and have already started making projects…Fleming has been great to work with…


I have been having the same issue with mine as well. I did everything I was asked to do but still does it after a few bit changes. I could use the same help!!!

I checked on your ticket and we seem to be waiting on photos — if you already sent them let us know and we’ll check at our end — if not, please do and we’ll work through this as quickly as we can.

What exactly are the photos are you needing again

Can you send over a photo of your overall set up, a close-up of the bitsetter, a photo of the back of the front right endplate showing the front board extension, and a photo of the controller showing the motor and limit switch connections.

I positioned a fan to blow on the control box and the bit setter works just fine so it does seem like a heat issue. Now I am just waiting for a response from support.

Glad it worked out for you…just recieved my replacement box, will connect in morning and carefully monitor heatsink temps…will advise. Gotta say the guys were (and have been) very responsive…


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I will try to get those pics today. I used it the other day with advanced V-carve setting and it seemed to work as advertised. It’s an off & on thing. I will keep you guys posted.

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