Bit setter- interesing behavior

I fired up the PRO today and got an error as it was going through the initialization sequence. I looked over and saw that the bit setter light was stuck on. Messing with the button had no effect good or bad. I sulked knowing that diagnosing this was going to be a drag. I really didn’t have time for all this since I had something to get done. Fortunately, the project that I needed to work on really didn’t require bit changes so I was able to resort to the old fashion method.

I should also mention that I did try a few things before giving up on the bit setter. I restarted CM and powered off the machine and let it sit for a bit and the reset everything.

After a while of carving I noticed that the light on the bit setter had turn off. Just for fun I tested it out and all was well…

So I am very much guessing that this was temperature related. When I first got started it was really cold. Over time my handy space heater started to get the temperature under control (at least well above freezing anyway).

I figured I would put this one out there to see if anyone has experienced this before. Just want to compare note.

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Probably not. But…how cold are we talking? If it was above 0°F, the issue was not likely the cold.

Possibly a loose connector/crimp?

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I have a mechanical bitsetter that doesn’t like temperatures under 60F, one of those dial indicator blocks that measures your cutting bit 2 inches above your Z height. And, I’ve noticed my bitsetter will stick every once in a while.

It was probably right at the freezing mark. I have had zero problems before and I assumed wiring was the issue first. I’ll see how it is today. It was pretty cold last night. It could also be that all of the movement from carving help free it up… Who knows.

Interesting. 60 is pretty warm all things considered

Yep. Aluminum body, with a steel slug and tolerances a little tight.

It is consistent , if anything. When it warmed up to about 50 something it started working again. Very strange, but at least I think I have an explanation for the moment.

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