Bit setter is the bomb!

I gotta say the BitSetter is probably the best add on for my XXL that I have installed yet. Tool changes were always a point of stress when cutting 3D models. Install was quick and effortless and this tool has helped tremendously in my quest to create wooden fishing lures.Thank You Carbide 3D


Lures? Whoa! I don’t think I’ve caught actual fish that big! :smiley:

Looks real good to me, and I’d bet a big fish would be fooled, too.

How do you index the cut from side to side?

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Thanks for the feedback Craig and those lures look great.

We thought BitSetter would be a huge benefit to a lot of users but we’ve tried to make this a slow launch and we’ve only heard back from a few people. We’re glad you like it.


I installed my bit setter and like it. The CM changed the work flow so pay attention the first time you use it. You dont turn the router on until instructed to do so because the router travels to the bit setter more than once and you dont want a spinning bit to touch the bit setter.


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