Bit setter issues need help

I’m running the bet setter with new version of CM. I set bit setter per instructions. Created a test cut using two cutters to see how it works. Makes first cut fine. But it’s not returning to center for bit change just stops when first cut is done. Any help

Can you post the g-code file and c2d file ?
Chances are, there is a single tool/toolpath in the gcode file.

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What do you have set for a post processor in Carbide Create under Edit | Select Post Processor?

What should be picked. Notes show basic g code output
Under selection there is basic g code
Carbide 3D nomad pro
Carbide 3D Shapeoko

Above notes it says
Name basic g
Desc Basic G Code

saw dust shop.c2d (408.8 KB)

saw dust (79.1 KB)

Julien these are the two files

Please use Carbide 3D Shapeoko for a post processor if you have a Carbide 3D Shapeoko.

thank you i will change it and see what happens.

Along with your post processor did you set the config to your machine type, z type and any accessories like the bit setter and then “Send Config” it is easy to set everything, move to the second tab and not send the config. Ask me how I know that.

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Thank you Will Adams I made the change ran a two bit test cut and all went fine.

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