Bit setter out of alignment on Shapeoko Pro XXL

As you can see in the pic, the bit will come down on the setter right on the edge. Is there anyway this can be adjusted?

If this problem has developed after the machine was initially correctly set up, then the most likely issue is lubrication of the linear rails/blocks:

If that’s not the case, usually this is caused by the Y-axis belts not being sufficiently taut — please check them per the instructions (and usually the X-axis is also not adequately tensioned, check that as well).

If the belts are correctly tensioned, and the machine is mechanically sound and the homing switch is correctly positioned, then this can be addressed by slightly increasing the Y-axis travel dimension.


I followed your instructions and I adjusted the Y-axis travel from -850.000 to -855.000. Doing so put the bit right in the center of the setter.

Thank you kindly for your assistance!


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