Bit Setter Probing Cyle Fail

I have been using the touch probe and bit setter for some time now. During a recent project I turned on the CNC and began to initialize it. When the software asks to load a bit to start the bit setting configuration it fails the just as the bit starts to travel down the z axis to the bit setter.

I am able to uncheck the bit setter option in settings and the initializing works no problem and i am able to start a project. However the probing cycle is now failing when using the bit setter.

Any ideas?

Test the BitSetter by powering up and pressing the button does it light up red?

Connect to the machine and go to the Settings pane — you should be able to clear the checkbox for the BitSetter then — are any inputs active there? Is the Z-axis configured properly?

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Is your touch probe being grounded? If it is it will cause the bit setter to malfnction.


Check your connections for the BitSetter and Probe. Are you using the little splitter PCB?


Are you using any other GRBL software program (like LightBurn) that might send a code to reset some of your basic GRBL $$ settings? I"ve noticed that I have to set back a couple of the settings to get the BitSetter to properly probe. If you are using something else to drive your Shapeoko, then that could be one of the problems.


Oddly enough, when i went to get the info you guys asked for, the bit setter probing worked. Guess a power cycle down and unplugging it straightened everything out. Working now.

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Everything I am using is from Carbide 3D. Using Carbide Motion with HDZ, Bit Setter, and Touch Probe. Everything was working fine, then during an initializing cycle the bit setter cycling stopped working.

next time it happens, go to the settings menu in carbide motion

that has a live view of which sensors are activating, and the probe shouldn’ t be active

(I had this happen when my probe wire happened to hit the probe … and the probe as a result was always active and interfered with the bitsetter)


I figured out why probing cycle was failing with bit setter. If you have a touch probe installed as well and the clip touches the probe it will fail on bit setter cycle.


That’ll do it alright. Glad to hear you figured it out and it was an easy “fix”.

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