Bit setter question

I have a question.

Does the bitsitter/software all you to check the bit height during a run without a tool change in the Gcode.

For instance, saying I’m running a large array of parts,
halfway through I break a bit, decide I need to change to a sharper bit or discover that my Z height lost some steps during the run and now my depth of cut is not correct
Can I pause the run and make the bit change.
tell it to go check it
then continue with the current run?

If it can’t do that presently, can it be added to the software or is there any plans to do so?


the pause dialog currently does not have that button, but I would think this is an excellent suggestion… as much as a machine that loses steps isn’t “great” or “perfect” it’s also sometimes reality and lets you recover a work in progress.

one could suggest the same for having a “homing” button there as well


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