Bit setter/ Waste board

I have the bitsetter running and it has for awhile, I cleaned up my waste board today, I have the t-track ontop of my stock waste board now my bits are not touching my work. Like this time i have .625 piece and it is just cutting air. How do i fix Z? I normally just set x and y where i want it and then let the bitsetter do its thing, never had a problem until today.

Hi James,

Is there any chance you are swapping tools before running the job without using the “Change Tools” button in Carbide Motion ? (this can throw off the Z zero adjustement that the BitSetter does)

How do you set your zeroes ? (manually or probe?). That’s the other common pitfall (e.g. zeroing on top while having the project setup for zeroing on stock bottom, or overhanging the probe when you shouldn’t, etc…)

If you can describe your workflow in lots of details, we should be able to figure out where things go wrong.

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Thank you for your quick response, I figured it out, i didnt follow my own steps and didnt zero z when i should have.

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