Bit Zero 2.0 issue

Hello brand new to CNC, I just hooked up my new XXl this weekend and man this thing is a solid machine. The problem I am having is when I connect the probe to the machine and placed the magnet on the bit. When I start the probe sequence the bit jogged to the left a small distance and I got an error code saying probe failed… I tried three times and it failed three times. Is there something I’m doing wrong wrong. The tutorial really don’t explain a whole lot. Called Carbide on Friday and no answer and no call back. Any help would be great. Thanks.


Ok I will try holding it. Should I bring that bit close to the probe as though Im doing a regular zero with out it. To tell you the truth, Im not even sure I have the prong plugged into the computer board in the right spot. LOL.

@M20 How far is the bit / dowel from the zero point / corner? The probe cycle will time out if it doesn’t start within about 1/2" or 10mm (something like that) from the XYZ zero location. (At least that’s the way the version 1 BitZero does it.)

If you are not 100% sure it is plugged into the correct spot you can post an image here and I am sure someone will advise you.
You could also test without the work piece by initiating a probe sequent then touch the clip/magnet to the probe plate as soon as the machine starts moving. If it doesn’t respond then shut power to prevent it crashing into anything. If it responds the Z axis will retreat and then try probe the X and Y.

@M20 picture being a thousand words, could you give us a view of your workpiece with the probe positioned on it zoomed out so we can see the board? Then how you are trying to probe in the software as well (screenshot or just tell us). As mentioned there are a few reasons a probe cycle can fail, even if it is hooked up properly. Most are due to set up issues, but I’ve also run into putting the BitZero (v1) too close to the travel extents and erroring out since it couldn’t move over far enough.

Thanks folks for the help. I believe I figured it out. Big learning curve with the cnc. In a nutshell. I was setting up to measure from left corner. I was not putting the bit in the bore area of the probe and it was not sensing the probe. Once I got that bit in the bore it started taking measurements…

Now correct me if I am wrong, if I want to make a bit change I only have to re zero my z access on the probe…correct?

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