Bit Zero V1 Z Setting Off

I’m using a Bit Zero V1 and all of my cuts seemed to be off? I did some testing and it seems to be off consistently by -0.014"? I place the bit zero on top of the material (not on the corner) and probe Z using a 1/4" end mill. It touches and retracts so the Z position is 1.220". I then moved the bit down to zero and checked with paper. At 0.00" the paper moved freely. Had to move it to -0.014" before it put pressure on the paper. I duplicated this on the waste board without material and got the same results. Any suggestions?
Carbide Motion build 512
Shapeoko XL
Dewalt router.

Which Z-axis do you have?

Do you have a set of calipers? Could you measure your BitZero?

Contact us about this at and we’ll do our best to help.

Hi Will, it’s a belt drive and the Bit zero measures 0.9865" full depth & 0.867" to the cut out.

Those dimensions are quite close and deviate from what’s expected by much less than the error you’re seeing

Have you calibrated for belt stretch?

Try setting


Thanks Will. It worked. I had to play around with the number, but I’m almost dead on at 0.001". I might have to get one of those $250 z-plus z axis someday?
Thanks for your help.

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