Bitrunner Automatic Control

I’d like to request when using automatic spindle control, that the GUI displays RPM change information during a tool change.

Would be helpful in the rare instance I forget the value of the router speed settings.

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That’s just basic CNC control info, and I’m surprised it isn’t visible. I don’t have the Bitrunner (it’s unavailable!), but I would expect to see the current spindle speed in the control whether it was a Shapeoko or an Okuma LB3000.

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My Shapeoko XXL has the Dewalt router and is set on 3 for almost every operation I do. I only cut wood so my speed is good for almost any operation on wood. But I get your point about having it show on the screen so you can remember to set your router to a correct speed.

I think it would also be nice to add another plug for your Vacuum to turn on automatically as well.

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Folks who want to do that have either used a pigtail connector (of suitably heavy wire gauge), or have used a vacuum which includes a plug and the feature of turning on when the tool is turned on (I do that w/ my Festool CT Midi — the older model, no BlueTooth).


In my case, I set the router speed by hand, but still would be nice to see what I programmed…

Just a point added to Will’s post. Most people are running on a 15 Amp Duplex outlet. That plug may not be the only plug on that circuit. You have to add up all the amperage on that branch circuit and it must be less than 15 Amps Total, that included the Shapeoko, your laptop, the router, the vac, any lights or fans or any radios and other appliances on the whole branch. If you exceed the 15 amps you are subject to the breaker popping off and leaving you possibly in the dark.


Aluminum cutting here. I usually run middle of the road on Makita / Carbide router, but I have some tools set up in F360 that work well in a different than my typical 18k (only because they kept breaking at anything other S&F than what I found to work best).

I did some more digging after I posted this earlier, I’ll post an example of what I’m talking about tomorrow.

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A more appropriate name for this thread would have been “Request to show program router speed settings in Carbide Motion with Bitrunner”.

First screenshot is how UI for Carbide Motion currently displays tool change with Bitrunner attached.

No speed settings.

Second is my request - to indicated to user speed settings for router while tool change & to show programmed router speed settings.

Side question for @WillAdams and @robgrz, is the UI font for CC and CM Roboto? :grin:

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domo arigato mr roboto

@greg5, I believe you were asking for this as well.


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