BitRunner slow to engage after Pause

I seldom pause a job but last night I wanted to remove my dust shoe brush. I was worried that it might interfere with the cut because the material is 1 inch thick. I paused, removed the brush and hit resume. The router started lowering and at the last moment the router spun up. I was about to hit the emergency stop. There was no harm but at the start of the job the router spins up early so it is at full speed before starting a cut.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior. All my firmware and apps are current.

This is the standard GRBL behavior upon pause/resume:

  • upon Pause it will retract a given (small) distance with the PWM signal (to BitRunner or spindle) still on, then stop the PWM signal, and continue the full retraction.
  • upon Resume it will do the reverse sequence: first plunge down near the material without PWM active, stop, turn on PWM (hence router via BitRunner), and continue for the remainder of the plunge to reach the original depth where it was paused.
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