Bitrunner V2 Feedback

I recently purchased and installed the BitRunner v2 and it is a huge improvement to my machine’s safety, convenience and workflow efficiency. Thank you.

With every new technical product there is often room for improvement. Here is my feedback after a couple days of using BitRunner v2.

  1. Installation video. Pretty thorough, but there could be more clarity on installation of the ground wire. There should be an overview of routing of the wire through the cable track and making sure that the routing does not inhibit the motion of the z-axis, which it did in my case. This is important because users to need to check full X-Y-Z range of the machine to ensure the ground wire won’t artificially limit the machine’s range mid job. Speaking of that ground wire…
  2. Ground wire length. For those of us with XXL machines the ground wire is too short. The video tells the user to put the BitRunner under the CNC and forget about it, but the wire allows installation only in one place on XXL machines, right next to the cable track on the left side of the machine.
  3. Spindle Speed prompt missing. When changing bits without the BitRunner a prompt is displayed after the BitSetter sequence telling the user to set the spindle to the appropriate speed and turn it on. With the BitRunner turning on the router that prompt is omitted, but the user still needs to prompted with the speed to set the spindle too. Perhaps it could be added to the router bit change dialog?
  4. Bit / Workpiece saver. There was one time that I forgot to turn on the router before the job continued after a bit change. A great feature to save bits, spindle integrity and workpieces is to have current detection on the router power path through the BitRunner. It could then remind the user to turn on the router before destroying things.

Thanks for listening and keep up the amazing work!



Come to think of it maybe power detection is already present on the BitRunner but since I had a shopvac also running through it, it thought the router was running? If that’s the case then I change my feedback to a suggestion to enhance the deluxe model to include two power cords (or a two socket power strip), one for router and one for vacuum so the BitRunner can detect when the former is drawing power.

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I agree the ground wire is too short for the Pro XXL. It is reasonable to assume the ground wire would have the same travel path as the router power cord. In my case I happened to have an extension banana plug cable laying around, but I am in the market (ebay?) for a green one (OCD issues here :slight_smile: )


I second that thing about the request for a longer ground wire at least for the XXL machines. It should be at least one meter longer there. Maybe an option when ordering it?

The other thing is about an international plug/socket option: for Europe I had to cut off the cables and mount new plugs/sockets: That might not be for everyone, plus the wires are rather thick (because of more current if using the US/110V system?), making it kind of difficult to change. Using power plug adapters does not really make it better imho.