Bits for a better carve

Does anyone know where I can buy 1/4" shank bits at a reasonable price.? ($30 or less) Name brand doesn’t matter as long as they work well in hard and softwood. Haven’t tried any other than CMC from box stores.

I have had a lot of success with RIP Precision Tools. They make a great 30 degree V Bit that I use for inlays and fine detailed cuts

Thank you. I will look them up online to view their selection. Much appreciated.

I use the #251 Downcut 1/4" bit from C3D a lot and it works well for me. I also bought the Groovee Jenny 30 degree down cut vee bit That bit is fantastic and there is no clean up after you vcarve. I also have a 1/4" 4" OAL with 1.5" cutting depth that I use for deep projects. It is a Melin. The only with the Melin is you have to have the bit pretty far up in the collet or you get excessive run out and you can hear the router sounds funny when you turn it on if it is not seated properly. I use Freud 70-104 keyhole bit a lot and like it. I just bought a 1/8" bit with 1/4" shank down cut that I have not been able to use yet. I got it from Grizzly. I was ordering Grizzly machine parts and adding the bit was less than the shipping of just the part I wanted. When you get to a certain amount the shipping is free.

Thank you for info. Always looking to learn something new. Good info about the bits usage.

I find the Jenny bits are better quality and work very well. Just a little over your price range but worth every penny.

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Good information to know. I will take it into consideration for my next purchase of bits.

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