BitSetter accuracy issue?

I have a Shapeoko 3 XXL with Z-plus, Carbide 3D router head, sweepy V1 dust boot, BitSetter and BitZero 2. When cutting jobs with multiple bits there will be height differences in the depth of cut between the different bits.

I use Vcarve Pro with the multitool post processor for shapeoko. And always use Carbide Motion to send the job to the CNC. I usually design in illustrator and import the vectors to cut. I have seen this happen as well with the same bit during clearing will cut deeper close to the vector but slightly higher clearing out the rest, no bit change in the gcode.

I have checked level multiple times as well as calibrated the stepper motors several times. Nothing is loose. Bits are tight in the collet. I have also tried using Carbide create as the software to create gcode. It seems very inconsistent as to how much difference to sometimes none at all.

The fist photo is the most recent cut. 3 bits. Nomad #201 1/4" upcut, Freud 1/8" down cut, and Amana Tool 1/16" down cut.
Second photo one of the more extreme cases. I believe this was the 1/8" Freud down cut doing a clearing pass before the tool change. Each path cut at a different depth.


How are you holding down the material?
Can you get a wider shot on that one with the animal?

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This is the array of clamps I use. The animal was done with the black 3D printed clamps along with the small metal stops for quick alignment. The 3D printed clamps are at 100% infill and are very strong. I have used the metal ones in a downward force config with the same issue.

Before you look at other possibilities, can you try a simple test using the same end mill.
It’s possible, even with great clamps, that the upcut endmill is pulling the material up slightly. Because you’re switching from up to down, you might see this issue. You could also try tape and CA glue as a hold down method.


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