Bitsetter and Bitzero

I’m having a problem using the bitsetter while connected to the probe adaptor. It just plunges down and keeps going, smashing my bit into it. If I unplug the adapter and plug the bitsetter directly into the reserved plug it works as it should. I have the bit zero and need to use it too but if the adaptor is used to connect both it isn’t working. Any ideas?

Please write in to — I suspect you have a bad PCB adapter.

Well I actually ordered 2 bitsetters, so I took the adaptor out of that one and it’s the same result, I also just emailed into support

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If you push on the button does the red light come on? If no red light the BitSetter is not triggered.

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Yes, the red light comes on when I press it down

Can you get a pic of the adapter and its connectors?