Bitsetter and Drag Knife

Looking for some advice.

Have a bit setter and Vinyl drag knife.

How to I keep Carbide Motion from sending the drag knife to the bit setter?

(I’m assuming that the bit setter will not set the drag knife to the proper height.)

Why wouldn’t the BitSetter work w/ a drag knife? Surely the tip offset is smaller than the radius of the button?

The drag knife has a spring tensioner for the cutting blade
Worried the switch would compress the spring.

In Carbide Motion, under settings I believe is a checkbox for “BitSetter”. If you unselect that and send to machine, then you can proceed as normal. Then when you need the BitSetter just select that box, and send the config again.

I do this when resurfacing my waste board.

So unchecking isn’t enough you have to send the configuration to the Shapeoko then proceed?

You don’t have to re-send the configuration, just unchecking/re-checking the BitSetter box is enough.
(details: the “send configuration” is talking to the Shapeoko controller to set all the $ parameters in GRBL. The BitSetter presence/absence information is not managed by GRBL, it only impacts Carbide Motion’s behavior locally)


I was hoping just unchecking the Bit setter would be enough

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