Bitsetter and zeroing

So… I’m still brand new and learning a ton. I have Shapeoko 4XXL and the bitsetter from carbide 3d. Sometimes I zero before loading my file and it cuts fine and sometimes I zero after loading my file and the machine plunges down past the material into the waste board. I quickly stop it and then start all over. Waste of time. Is there a specific order to follow with the bitsetter? I don’t have the bit zero. After you hit initialize, the machine ask for a bit and goes to bit setter, is this when I should load my file and zero the material? Im zeroing off the top lower left. I’m so confused. Please help. I had a .125 bit and was afraid that it would break after breaking the first one. I’m working with MDF and nothing hard though.

If you have a bitsetter, and weird plunging issues, it’s may be because you changed the bit WITHOUT using the ‘Change Bit’ button in Carbide Motion.

Is that a possibility here?


Most common root causes for unexpected Z plunges:


That’s possible. I’ll make sure that I check that. My first bit broke so I change to the new one and didn’t change anything in create or motion.