BitSetter Attacked by End Mill

So last week I turned on the router before the BitSetter sequence. Needless to say, it spun right into the BitSetter for a few seconds before I could reach it. It appeared to me at that time that only the copper bushing spun up and I just reseated it. Last night I made some firewood trying to run a program and deduced something was wrong with the BitSetter.

This morning I double checked everything and noticed it was unthreaded. It appears to me I can just rethread the plunger, any thing else I’ll need to do?


This happened to me on one of my bitsetters, just from vibration I guess I never hit it with a spinning end mill. I twisted it back in as best I could, no way to hold the nut at least from the top, so I think it is coming unscrewed between jobs I am constantly trying to screw it back in.

I’d open it up. The nut is loose in the enclosure.
Maybe a little loctite.


I followed Neil’s advice and opened it up. Grabbed the nut with a set of needle nose until the threads began to seat and then tightened it down.

One word fix: Loctite

EDIT (Add): This message is directed to Carbide3D assembly department

User repairs do not void the warranty I hope? I was informed it was a sealed unit and should be returned for exchange. I was just not wanting to be out a Bitsetter for a week or so and opted for the “Screw it back in the best you can” method lol.