Bitsetter Disc Missing

I just noticed the disc on the top of my bitsetter is missing. Does a replacement disc need to be a specific thickness for the bitsetter to work properly? Are replacement discs available?

It’s an 11mm diameter 2mm thick rare earth magnet — anything can be used though, so long as it’s securely in place.

Contact us at and we’ll get this sorted out.

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I had an XL for a while with the magnet on the BitSetter. During a cleaning I either blew the magnet away or sucked it up. I could not find any 11MM magnets so I bought 10MM magnets from Amazon and it worked perfectly.

The BitSetter does not know how high the magnet is. What the BitSetter does is it knows where you set the Z Zero and when the button is depressed a second time during the probing cycle it is calculating the steps taken between the Z zero and where the steps are when the button is activated for the second probe. So you could put a 1" spacer on the BitSetter and it would work. I would not recommend a 1" spacer but the thing would work regardless.

I have some Elmers paper glue that I use to glue photos in my Shapeoko Log Book. That worked just fine to keep the magnet in place. Do not use super glue or anything permanent because the purpose of the removable magnet is to replace it if you damage it. So the little bit of stickiness of the paper glue made it just enough so that the vac would not blow it away or suck it up. Just make sure you get it in the center so it will not seep down into the hole the plunger goes down in to keep from gumming up the works. I just rubbed it on the back of the magnet and it works well. I am sure there are other adhesives that would work but I had this in the shop. If you order the 10MM magnets just get a stack of them and replace as necessary.


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