Bitsetter failed

Bit Setter was working flawlessly yesterday, but today it seemed to need a day off. When I initialize, it tries to set the bit length, go’s to the point above the bit setter, drops about an inch and stops. Eventually it throughs an error message saying that the cycle failed. I looked for anything that might be interfering with travel and nothing. As I said it worked flawlessly yesterday, so I don’t think it’s a catastrophe, and fortunately the job I’m on right now does not require a bit change, but I still need to figure out what’s going on.

Any idea what I should look for?

Do you have a BitZero? Where is it? Where is the ground lead? Are they touching?

Yes I have a Bitzero, but the problem is with the BitSetter. Do I need the ground lead of the BitZero grounded to use the BitSetter? I figured the BitSetter was grounded internally, but what do I know?


The BitSetter and BitZero use the same Probe input.

Usually the problem you describe is caused by the ground lead for the BitZero touching that unit.

As always, you nailed it! The ground magnet was sitting on the bitZero and as soon as I moved it, the problem disappeared.

Thank you very much.

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