BitSetter Fails Repeatedly

Today when I went to use my machine it began the Bit Zero process, moved above the silver touch button on Bit Zero and then failed, in fact it failed twice. I checked to see that a red light was on, and in fact it was. I also noticed that the silver button looked a little unusual and upon closer inspection I found it very loose. In fact I can lift it out of the socket and in doing so noticed that the end has threads on it. I attempted to push it back into the socket and turn it, both directions, hoping that it would screw into whatever it should be screwed into. No luck. I suspect that this is the problem and am wondering what the solution might be.

I called the help line, but got no answer.

Any suggestions?


Some folks have removed their BitSetter, disassembled it, and then screwed the button back in place w/ a bit of threadlock.

If that’s not an option, please write in to and we will get this worked out.

You described a BitSetter not BitZero

BitSetter- compares bits length to last time z zero was performed.

BitZero- used to set x y and z positions. V1and V2 versions.

BitRunner- used to control router power from gcode commands embeded from Shapeoko Post Processor.


Not that I am not bright enough to explore the issue myself, but I hate to mess around with electronic things without first finding out it is OK to do so. With your OK I took it apart, screwed the part back on, and it is now working just fine. Thanks for you help.


My machine won’t run the initialization all of a sudden. Only lowers 1/3 of the way and quits. Have no idea what is going on here.

Do you have the correct Z-axis configured?

Is anything mechanically blocking the movement?

Do you have a BitZero? Where is it stored? The groundlead? Are they touching, or is the BitZero active? Does anything show under Active Inputs?

Send a photo of your machine, as well as of your controller and a video in to and we’ll do our best to assist.

I got it fixed. Ended up just reinstalling the software and it works fine now. Thanks for the help

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