Bitsetter fine tuning

I recently received the Shapeoko 4 XXL (black friday sale). I setup the bitsetter by jogging the unit so the router was over the button. It works, but the placement of the bit on the button is far left and top. This is fine for larger bits, but for small ones it is not great. I am not able to jog the router any more center to the button with the software. Is there a way to bypass this so I can get it better centered?

You can slightly increase the Y value in the “Travel Dimensions” section in Carbide Motion’s Settings page, this should allow you to jog just a bit further “south”. For X you should be able to jog as far as it will go to the right, isn’t that the case ? What does the X coordinate read when you jog all the way to the right ?


Sorry about the late reply - I fixed the Y value as described. The X being off was due to the endstop having been installed at its maximum distance and loosening the screws and pushing it closer to the frame fixed this.

Please note that it shouldn’t be necessary to adjust the Y-axis travel dimension (yes, I know in the past I’ve recommended this) — if the dimension is too small to allow the endmill to reach, then it’s indicating that the Y-axis belts aren’t sufficiently taut — a better fix is to retension the belts so that the steps/mm match up w/ the actual movement.