Bitsetter Issues. Need Help

Just started working with a Shapeoko PRO XXL and ran into an issue when attempting my first project. More specifically, as soon as the project started to run, the router traveled to the start of the project then plunged as deep as it could until I killed the power.

I disabled the bitsetter and ran the project again without issue. My assumption is that the bitsetter is not recognizing/storing the bitsetting data… when I follow the instruction to change the tool, it runs through the bitsetting cycle then returns to the middle of the board. If I then attempt to press Jog to set z/x/y zeros it prompts asking if I want to measure the tool first, despite it just completing that action.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please send the .c2d file, generated G-Code, and step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock, setting zero relative to it, and managing all tool changes and a photo showing an attempt at cutting still in place on the machine in to

The BitSetter only compares the current bit to the last time you set zero either manually or with BitZero. The setting of zero is not done by BitSetter only compared to z zero last set which is held in controller memory.

The homing sequence runs then a tool is prompted and the bit is measured and compared to last z zero setting set. The controller then compensates for the current bit length to last z zero held in memory. The BitSetter does not set z zero only compensates for the bit measured and last z set physically by you.

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Thank you so much for the quick reply. The requested items have been sent to the email above.

To add to what gdon_2003 said, because of this it is crucial that you only change your bit when prompted to do so (i.e prior to initialization, when prompted after pressing load new tool in CM or when prompted running a job)


When I first got my Pro XXL I did the same but had forgot to set the Z-zero.

My fault, never happened again.

I have taken to keeping a close eye on the Z-values when using the bitsetter.

My work flow is install the bit for the first toolpath, set Z-zreo (I always use the same X and Y zeros) then retract to full height of Z. Then load new job.
When starting a job, as you know, it

  1. Comes to center front and askes for new bit. note z value here
  2. I’ve already got the right bit in there, so just hit resume, .
  3. It goes over and touches off on the bitsetter, comes back to center.
  4. note z value here If it is not the same as before there will be problems.

Stop program and re-set z zero and hope it works better next time. It’s quite frustrating since it is off about 1/4 of the time.

Could you please prepare a video which completely documents things being off and send it in to along w/ the relevant files?

Thank you for reaching out! I was able to partner with a member of the team to conduct a video chat. Thankfully we can now consider this issue resolved.

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So what was the resolution?

Much as those above have mentioned it… was all about the proper sequence. In other words have the correct tool in and follow the prompts.

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