Bitsetter probing issues

I received a bitsetter and although works, seems to produce problems with tool changes, and repeating the job.

If I run a job, the bitsetter probes the tool #1 upon machine initialization, then I can use the xzy probe to locate the stock on the wasteboard, run the job, tool change partway through the job to tool #2 (which bitsetter probes tool length correctly) then after the job completes, tool #1 is placed back in the spindle to run the job again.

This is where the problem lies. I locate the stock on the wasteboard again with the xzy probe, Run the job (same job), bitsetter probes the tool, but since it was put back in the spindle at a different depth (after job #1 completed) it’s either too low or too high from the stock that was just probed with the xzy probe.

Make sense?, and is this intended functionality? I can reproduce this every time, so the temp solution is to switch off the control board to force the machine to prompt for initialization again, then everything is fine.

when you place the tool #1 back, did you click in CM the main screen button to change tool? without that I have seen the behavior you describe…
but with that there is a length probe before you manually put the zero of the stock in… and then it is all fine

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I am not sure which button you are referring to, or do you mean the prompts that come up when the bitsetter probes?

It is the button at the bottom of the Run Page

Ah I see, that makes sense. I assumed this was if you didn’t have the tool probe and were to change bits manually. Should clear up the issue then Thanks guys!

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