BitSetter reset problem

Okay, I’ve tried to reset with my BitSetter and the spindle buries itself on my BitSetter and a warning box pops up. I reclicked to enable BitSetter, exited Motion, restarted Motion and reinitialized. My spindle still buries itself on my BitSetter.

Does the machine initialize properly or bury the Z axis when you try to initialize? If you have the wrong Z axis selected in the configuration the direction could be inverted.

Lester, it Initializes by going back right to home, comes to front right, asks to insert bit, I do, and it goes to BitSetter and buries bit on the BitSetter. A error box pops up and says probe did not contact workpiece within the programmed travel.

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So the next thing to check before pressing initialize (so you don’t get into problems) is if the switch is working, first check for the LED on the Bit setter itself. it should turn on when the button is pressed. If that is OK then you need to call up the diagnostics page and see if the probe/Bit Setter pin is on or changes state (turns on) when you push the button down. If you have a Bit Zero make sure that it is not touching its ground wire or the machine, although I think it would result in a different error.

The BitSetter has a red led and turns green when depressed manually(maybe the other way around). Does pressing the BitSetter button all the way down change state? If it does not change state the router keeps trying to go down until the button changes state.