Bitsetter setup problems

I have a SO3, 2.4e board and running CM 537. I also have the Bitzero V1.

Using the Probe Adapter PCB to plug in both Bitzero and Bitsetter. Went through setup and when I finally went to Home the machine after install, everything seems to be fine. Goes to S position to change tools, and then to the Bitsetter, where it crashes down onto the button and then I get a “Probing Cycle Failed” alert and everything stops. There is a red light on the Bitsetter when this happens.

I took the Probe Adapter and Bitzero off and plugged the Bitsetter in directly, but I still get the same fail.

Now what?

Please let us know about this difficulty at and we’ll do our best to sort this out with you.

Thanks Will. I’ll do that.

Will, I assume as you refer me to support, that this is not a common “oops, I need to update something,” kind of thing and more likely a hardware error?
Everything has been working fine prior to this…

Support is the best place for most troubleshooting, esp. when there’s the possibility of a failure which requires replacing something.

So, after going back and forth with support for a couple of days, we came to the realization that my spindle and bit were effectively too low for the homing sequence to work right.
This is what it looked like before.

And after raising the router an inch or so in the housing, all is right with the homing sequence.
I still find it a bit odd that this would be the solution, but there it is.
Maybe this will help someone else one day.



From the picture looks like a dewalt router. One of the problems reported a lot when the z-plus first came out was they could not reach the factory base board. Those were most likely c3d and makita routers. I have a dewalt on xxl and hdz and router is all the way down in router mount. Maybe the dewalt routers have a longer body. I have an xl with makita router and it measures 2.5 inches from bottom of router mount to bottom of router body. The dewalt measures 3 3/8 inches. Maybe that is why you had to move router up. C3d has not sold the dewalt for a while, mostly c3d and makita routers. I think the newer models fit the smaller diameter c3d and makita routers for thier router mount. My xxl and xl came with reducer ring for makita/c3d routers.


Mine is the Dewalt and I’m still using the stock belt drive Z. I expect you’re right, @gdon_2003 , that it’s longer.

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