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Hi Guys,
I am looking at purchasing a Bitsetter, I have been using the G-Code splitter and i’m allways somewhere around 0.4mm out when Zeroing my Z between the V-bit and Flat endmill. I have a bitzero but obviously this is no use with Amana’s replaceable blade V-Bits.

Can someone tell me exactly what bits wont work with a Bitsetter before I invest the money on importing it to the UK, shipping etc.
Thanks in Advance,

I think the only bits I’ve seen that might have issues are the wasteboard flattening bits. Since there’s a recess in the middle of the bit where the bit zero should take a measurement.
V bit should work fine as it will depress the button in the center of the endmill.

Hope that helps.


My only concern is that with the bit blades being replaceable I dont want to first use it and it snap the blade :stuck_out_tongue: it would be upsetting xD.
Hopefully someone that’s used the bit with it will comment.
Thanks for your info though buddy :slight_smile:

You won’t have any issue with those bits. The contact with the bit setter is gentle and won’t damage the blades, in my experience.

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There’s also a modification like this that @Sarge013 submitted in Community Challenge #15


Thanks for the reply, im waiting on them coming back in stock now, there is a company in the UK with 1 in stock but they refuse to reply to emails and facebook messages so im scared to give them my money xD

Thanks for that, I have an amana surfacing bit that a design like that would work great for however surfacing isnt much of a worry to me, i’ll take off whats needed to get the thing smooth and good to go :stuck_out_tongue:
the V bits are my main concern but hopefully will work fine for me and not destroy my bits :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t had any trouble using the replaceable amana vbits. It’s usually my fault when I break and edge/tip, never the Bitsetter.

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