Bitsetter w/CNCjs request

Hey @neilferreri I have a request, actually a few. But first, thanks again for the macros you’ve written for enabling the use of the Bitsetter with other senders.

Presently the gantry stops at the end of the first tools toolpath and waits for me to initiate a tool change command. Could you add an M5 there so the spindle stops too? Yes, it stops as soon as I start the tool change but it just makes me nervous having the spindle running when I command a tool change. Silly, I know. Next request, stop the gantry 100 mm left of the Bitsetter to enable a tool change then a resume button to complete the macro. This to avoid my clumsy hands dropping expensive, pointy v-bits on that hard steel box.
Thank you sir, Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:, oh, here’s a link to a windup car you can print for your kids, pretty cool.


Griff, I always lay a 1/4" sheet of foam under my bit changing operation just for that reason.

Now I’m wondering if that foam will press the button on the Bitsetter and cause something to happen prematurely.

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The machine moves to the center for endmill changes so you should be good to go.

True, when using CM.

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