Bittrunner and HDZ Unicorn

So, you make something that ultimately changes the abilities of the machine altogether. Win. Then only do so for a limited run one time. And apparently the beefed up Z axis which is why I bought the machine is out of stock always. Fingers crossed that five axis mill does wonders for production but right now I’m so confused, esp with the Bitrunner limitation, is this the type of stuff to expect from this company going forward. Any potential on coming up with something to control the rpm more and not have a simple drill bit fly out and kill me in the process taking out my jugular.

Drill bits are not usually rated for the speeds at which trim routers spin — please only use tooling which is appropriate to the machine and the feeds and speeds and materials you are using. See:

The HDZ is currently in production, and should continue for the foreseeable future — hopefully we’ll get it back in stock presently and keep it in stock for a reasonable time at which point it should go back to its non-sale price.

The BitRunner is unique as explained at:

Worst case if one can’t get one is one purchase a relay such as an IOT relay and wires it up oneself — it will then work just as a BitRunner since the software support is already in place.

Have you heard of a thing called covid-19, its messing up the supply of a lot of things. With places running at limited capacity parts are just going to take longer to get for a while.

For safety theres a reason larger cnc machines are fully enclosed. Build an enclosure if you are worried.

Totally understand wait times. Don’t understand things being made that better the product then being discontinued after one run. But supposedly it’s still doable with some know how or searching the threads. As far as enclosures go obviously it’s going to be optimal doing all boring cycles on holes rather then a drill rates for lower rpms given the restraint. I was more is less trying to demonstrate the necessity of being able to control the spindle to another level more or less. We are talking about cnc and g code here so obviously automation is what we’re striving for short of tool changes.

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I didn’t even realise they had discontinued it…

Buy a 1.5kw spindle and VFD off eBay, you won’t regret it. Speed and on/off can be controlled with the stock Shapeoko board.

Water-cooled are quieter, air cooled are simpler


So are the carbide gods listening or what…

I’m not complaining. I’ll shut up now just take my money.

Order confirmed.


We are taking allot of steps to bring the HDZ in stock permanently and will soon be running our largest ever HDZ production run in the next few weeks, with an even bigger run scheduled soon after.

Plan is to be able to offer the HDZ with machines and possibly to distributors too.


That’d be the bees knees Luke, will they be the familiar cobalt blue?

I saw the Bitrunner was a limited run & wondered why C3D would go through all the trouble to design/build them only to sell a few & leave a bunch of demand on the table, but then thought, hey for all I know, Bitrunner will be built right in to the boards of future Shapeokos. No idea.

I like to imagine C3D basing the S4 on the S3 with minor upgrades at the same entry level price point, but in addition, an SV for users that want to graduate up, based on Luke & Vince’s upgrades, for around the $4000 mark. I know alot of us would love to upgrade our S3 with the popular improvements (HDZ, linear bearings, ballscrews, prox sensors, superspindle) if $ were all it took, but buying twice as many parts as you’ll end up with only to leave half of them unused in boxes, + getting in over ones head figuring out all those things as retrofits, makes that project questionable. It seems like there’s room for a well done sturdy mill by a good company, & all the pieces are there, they just need to be put together. I realize there are a load of bigger, more expensive machines, but not with the C3D support & benefit of the vibrant community here.

Well, a boy can dream.


Entirely agree, we could start a campaign to try to convince the Carbide management…

#bringbackthebeaver ?



I agree with the cool colored Z axis also being a must. Something about that blue is very profound.

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