Bitzero 2.0 not working?

I have the bitzero 2.0 that came with my new Pro XXL. I have not been able to get it to work properly. The light lights green, and it turns red when I touch the plate to the probe when it is grounded to the collet nut. When I try to run it at the beginning of the program the spindle moves on the X-axis to the left just slightly and then throws me an error code.

I have rebooted, unplugged the bitzero, re-plugged, rebooted, and on and on. Anyone else have this issue and been able to troubleshoot this and get it to work?

Thanks for any help.

Hi Jeffrey,

Did you make sure to jog the dowel (or endmill) down into the BitZero v2 hole, before initiating the probing sequence ?

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I will double check that I do that when I get home. I think so, but honestly not positive.

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In addition to @Julien’s comment above, the BitZero v2 has a tendency to move when running the zeroing process. You’ll need to hold it in place while it’s doing it’s thing to stop it moving, resulting in the error code.

I will give it a shot. Thank you. Stay tuned :smile:

Works like a charm. Must be I wasn’t dropping the bit into the hole. Thank you!!

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