Bitzero - but on a locating pin

I do a lot of double sided cuts so tend to use dowels a lot for aligning the second side. The strategy for zeroing the second side is usually:

  1. Cut first side and remove the material. This is the first work coordinate system.
  2. Cut the holes for the dowel pins on the second work coordinate system for the second side. Zero for this WCS will be center of one of the holes.
  3. Place pins, flip and place material and resume cuts for the second side in the second WCS.

This works great, but I’ve streamlined it recently to reuse existing holes in a custom jig. The custom jig uses headless, threaded locating pins. For this process, step #2 above is replace by using the bitzero v2 to zero on one of the pins (can’t zero on the holes since they are 8mm and non-metallic.

To allow Bitzero to zero on the locating pins, I created this jig to align the bitzero with the center of the pin:


A couple more photos would be helpful.

Perhaps a version of this could be made to work with V1 of BitZero.

Thanks for the idea.

Very clever, you’ve turned the bitzero v2 into a fancy hat. A functional one at that!

I have a video in progress to show it in operation. I’ll share that here.


This is the video. The link takes you to minute 4:22 where I’m using the bitzero jig.

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