BitZero V2 find X and Y

Can an option be added to find X and Y at the same time using BitZero V2? Technically isn’t it doing that already? It would just save the extra few clicks to find the other zero after finding X or Y. I know you can find X, Y and Z all at the same time but I usually find Z separately in my process. I don’t actually have a BitZero V2, I just use the probing options of it to find the center of holes.

You can’t find X and Y w/o also setting Z — it’s fine to do that separately — the second probing just takes a little bit more time.

I know we can’t currently, I am asking that we be able to. I rephrased my original post. I figured it would be a very simple addition based on how the software currently behaves. It already touches off in both directions when doing just X or just Y.

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