BitZero v2 not correct

I am having trouble with my bitzero v2 not correctly measuring for the Z axis. I do everything that it says to do but when start to carve it is way to deep. I set zero with bitzero v2 then found zero to project and there is a .283 difference. Is there some type of way to zero the bitzero that i am unaware of?

Is this a new problem, was there a time when it worked correctly for you?

How thick is your stock?

Where are you setting zero in your CAM program, which program are you using? Could you share your file?

Not a new problem. It has been cutting to deep since installed. I am using a 3/4 mdf waist board on top of the stock boards that came with my xxl. I am new to this so I’m not sure about program. I am using the carbide create and carbide motion. and not sure how to share file

Hello Raymond,

Is the 0.283 in inches or millimetres?

What sort of procedure do you follow for using the BitZero?

Some points to keep in mind are things like hanging the device over the corner of the stock for X/Y/Z probes, but putting the whole thing on the top for Z probes. And also, not manually zeroing in CM after you’ve done a probe operation.

measures are in inches. I set the bitzero on top of my waste board and use the probe function in carbide motion.

Thanks for the extra info.

When you sit the device on top of the wasteboard, you can only do individual probes. So, a single Z probe. And then a single X probe, etc.

So that’s the first thing to tick off the checklist. You can’t do an XZY probe unless you can place so the recess on the bottom of the BitZero sits snugly over the corner of the wasteboard.

You also need to ensure that your project in Carbide Create uses the wasteboard as the zero, and not the top of the stock.

EDIT: When using the wasteboard as the zero, the height of your stock is very important. If your project says 1" high stock, and you set the zero to the wasteboard, but the actual stock is 1.283" high, then the first cut will be 0.283" too deep.

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To upload your file, Click on the rectangle with the arrow pointing upwards icon in the reply box.

Then find your file by browsing your hard drive or web.

Select the Carbide Create file (extension “.c2d”)

Mainly interested to see where your origin is in your file to confirm that you’re zero’ing where you’ve specified.


I had been fighting this same issue where I use BitZero using the 1/4’ solid probe to set X & Y. Then switch to my V-Bit and using the BitZero to set Z by itself and Z is way too deep. I found I can however clear all offsets and set Z manually to zero and it works fine?

When you switch to your V-bit after probing X and Y with the BitZero (which version?), are you using a BitSetter and do you use the “change tool” procedure?

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V2 is the version.
I have Shapeoko Pro XXL so yes, it comes with BitSetter.
I follow the instructions on the screen for “Tool Change Procedure” Yes.

Thank you everyone with the help. Brandon from carbide was able to find out my Z axis was set up as a Z HDZ instead of a Z Plus. Machine works like a champ now


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