BitZero v2 probing error?


So I’ve been using the BitZero v2 the last several weeks, and its been great. So this morning I was setting up a new job and began the probe for X, Y, and Z. It did its thing, flashed red on each touch and looked like it finished. In CM, an error dialog popped up saying the “machine was not idle”.

Any idea what that might be? I reinitialized the machine and ran the probe again. This time it came out fine, as it normally does.

I’ve seen that message from time to time — it seems to occur when the machine and Carbide Motion get out of synch — basically, CM is expecting the machine to be ready for commands, but for some reason it’s not, hence the message to that effect.

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Ok, good to know it’s nothing of concern. Thanks, Will!

Do you recall when (was it during a probe cycle)?

In my experience you’ll get this when you are writing to EEPROM (as you would in setting zeroes) with little time for that to happen. Commands can be sent during the write and cause errors like this.

The last time I recall getting this message was when doing extensive jogging trying to use the BitZero as a calibration block.

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