Black Friday Feeling Hosed

Well, I’m happy to have received my new HDZ and mounts for Suckit, the UPS guy just delivered. I purchased from Carbide 3D through the Black Friday sale. I’m sure it will be a great upgrade but let me tell you about my purchasing experience. I saved $55 on the price and the delivery was prompt but let’s look at the rest, maybe this is something Carbide is not aware of.

My Carbide invoice was:

1x Shapeoko HDZ Suckit Ears for $15.00 each
1x Shapeoko HDZ - Grey for $400.00 each

Subtotal : $415.00 USD
Shipping : $33.20 USD
Total : $448.20 USD

Normally, I always get my stuff delivered to a US address but I decided that I would try home delivery this time.

Upon arrival, the UPS guy presented me with an invoice totaling another $121 that included about $100 of custom brokerage fees, this is on top of the $33 I had already paid for transport which is roughly double the cost of shipping to a US address.

As it was discussed in previous threads like this one if Carbide had the option of shipping USPS, I would have paid less for shipping and paid no brokerage fee (goes up with the amount of the parcel). I estimate that this would have saved me over $100 on my purchase and sometimes, they don’t even collect the tax which is another $20 in this case. This represents almost 25% of the cost IMO, this is unacceptable and The Team at Carbide @Jorge, @robgrz, @edwardrford, @Luke should do something to address this.

I know you don’t like USPS but getting soaked your customers in the USA are complaining about the price of delivery imagine a 25% surcharge, that is beyond unreasonable, your customers are not all in the USA. This is not something you should ignore.


I am in the US, but I feel or you on this. Recently needed to replace the anvils on a Mitutoyo inside micrometer. The anvils were about $US8 each.

All said and done, my total cost was over $US100, though if the Mitu rep hadn’t messed up, it would have been about $US50. Shipping on $US16 worth of parts was $US25. Total weight: 17g. Yes, it came to $US1400/Kg for shipping. Plus 50% at the border (they were supposed to be in country, but they weren’t). 50 percent. 50 percent. fifty. percent. (would have been lower on a more expensive item… about $US1.50 was duty, rest was no clue)

All twice, since the rep misidentified the part. It had been changed somewhere around Y2K, so the threads were not the same. Wrong part non-returnable. (If anyone needs a pair of anvils for a Mitutoyo 25-50mm inside mic made after 2001, let me know…)

Initial bill was for the parts and $US6.80 for shipping (USPS flat rate, but for a size larger than needed). About $US22. More than half was a surprise, as it was actually shipped via UPS.

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