Black lines in preview

ega (124.3 KB)

designed in CC looks great but when i review in preview after assigning tool paths there are a bunch of black lines

I downloaded your file and disabled your tool path and picked Advanced Vcarve. I picked the #102 tool and #302 Tool. Here is the preview:

In a regular vcarve the bit tries to cut touching both sides of the lines like in the 1775 ribbon. So the vee bit plunges deep enough down the center of what it thinks are the lines and cuts a vee shaped valley. You wanted a cut out of the outer lines. Only Advanced Vcarve can achieve that.

This is the screen shot of your original file of just the 1776 Ribbon portion of the simulation. The vee bit is trying to touch both sides of the ribbon at once that is why it appears as a black line. The actual cut would look like a vee shaped valley.

Now I took about 2 minutes to set up your file so you need to go in and tweek the tools and depth to match what you are going to achieve.


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Yes, tweek them repeatedly

Thank you guess I need to download the new CC. I’m currently using 413 no advanced v carve

If you have the trial Pro version you can also look at roughing and finishing paths. If you dont have a trial pro license you can search on the forum to request one. The trial pro license is good for a year.

I’m afraid that the free 1 yr. license offer has ended.

I believe the trial period is 30 days.

Log in at to request a license.

Is Advanced Vcarve a base part of current CC or part of the Pro add on.

Advanced V-Carve is part of the base Carbide Create.


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