Black work area

I Just updated CC to the latest version. Now when I open CC the work area box is black, and I can’t see anything. Trying to find a way back to the previous version.

Deselect everything.

Click on the “Set Grid” icon.

Change the spacing to something reasonable.

I tried that and no change. .25" .50" .75" 1" 5" 10" nothing changes. its just black.

Post a screen grab?

Are you on Windows or Mac OS?

Windows 11
Everything was fine until I downloaded the latest version.

I was able to find CC 757 in my download history and it works like it should. So then I downloaded the 764 again and tried it, again, black screen. Going back to 757 and hopefully using 757 won’t cause me any issues.


Please go to the Start Menu and type “sysinfo” and run the System Information Tool and save the output from it as a text file using your last and first name and it to us at

I updated CC on my newest windows computer and all is well. I am guessing that my older machine that is having this black work area problem is possibly missing something?

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Most probably it’s a video card/driver issue.

If we get the System Information we can look into it at our end.

Emailed that information yesterday.

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