Boolean preview feature

When editing with Boolean functions, I find myself applying, undoing, reselecting in different order, applying again, etc etc just trying to get what I want ( pretty much trial and error). If hovering the mouse over each of the boolean options would show a preview of the effect without actually applying it, it would save tons of time and probably help reduce the steepness of the boolean learning curve.


This is a really nice feature. Lightburn has it:

As you mouse over each of the options, the image shows you the results of the boolean function.

You can reset it to what it was before the dialog was launched as well.

When you see what you like, you press OK and you’re done!

Big help.

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Note that they also provide “Difference A-B” AND “Difference B-A” (Difference = Subtraction); which eliminates this undo and redo thing we all do.

Please note that when you undo a Boolean operation, the key objects change which allows one to immediately redo the operation w/ different results for an operation where which object is the key object matters.

Right Will…that’s why the B-A option is so nice…you don’t have to “Rube Goldberg” the undo-redo to change the key object.

Thank you Will. I did not know the key object changed with undo. Good to know. With that information and adept use of Ctrl Z, I can get along without the hovering mouse request.

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